Our Blessings

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Sometimes we get little unexpected greetings from our baby girl... the other day randomly in our travels we passed Hartsell Funeral Home in Midland... the place where our baby was cremated. By that point in 2009 we were in such a daze, I can't even remember if it was Sunday August 9, Monday August 10, or Tuesday August 11. Our pastor drove us there. So we really paid no attention to where it was on the way there or the way back. But somehow we found ourselves there again, almost 6 years to the day. Later that very same day (this year), we passed Hartsell Funeral Home in Concord too... where her services were held. Neither of these routes were planned at all that day, they were just happenstance. Sometimes coincidences are nice even though they are associated with such painful memories. I wish I had held my baby at that funeral home. And I wish I had peeked at her beautiful face one last time at the crematorium. Missing her always... thanks for the little "Hello" sweet baby girl... we love you. Sleep tight and wait for us. You are still ours..