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Saturday, June 26, 2010

raw truth.

about now, i should be announcing the gender of my new hope. not debating whether it's too early to take a pregnancy test instead of losing my crap over the fact that it was negative.

sometimes i miss my little cherry outside of missing katie. and i can always tell the difference.

My Cherry Baby,
Mommy loves you! You are still my baby, and I miss you so much. Give Sissy a kiss for me, and tell her I miss her too.
Love you forever,

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  1. I'm sorry your heart hurts so much right now---I absolutely believe you can tell the difference in missing your girls--not that you don't miss them and want them BOTH all the time...but they were two different children of yours...two little hearts that started beating inside of you...and they are not interchangeable or replaceable, and anyone who thinks they are is nuts! You miss them both, but love them individually and uniquely...as you would have had they lived.

    Thinking of you...xoxoxo