Our Blessings

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my birdie :)

I saw my doctor yesterday, my beloved Dr. C. He said he has a good feeling about this too, and that he thought I looked wonderful :) Dr. F said so to. My blood pressure was perfectly low, and I felt so calm and cool. He said my uterus has already grown. How he can tell that just by palpating, I have no clue, but I'll take it! I'm having HCG (beta) drawn again on Friday, as well as progesterone.

I felt great this morning, but when I had more spotting this afternoon, welcome freak out number one of probably 30 million in the next 30 weeks. C didnt even flinch when I mentioned the spotting yesterday, so he didnt care much today either. Just rest and call back if it's heavier.

I cant believe this is the THIRD time... I've now been pregnant more or as many times as most people I know, including my mom and all SILs. How can I possibly be pregnant for a third time and not have my babies here.

Missing my little cherry verses Kathlyn has become more frequent. Ive said before, I can tell when I'm grieving which one, they are so distinct. By 2 weeks from now, I'll know my little bird more than my little cherry. My body will know him better than her. I am so sad for what might have been. I would be more than half way to meeting her, and now instead I'm starting from the very beginning again.

Wow.. what a wave that just came over me... I love all three of them. I want my babies.


  1. I'm glad your dr has a good feeling too! Hope Fri's draws looks great.

  2. Me too! I wish you had all three Beth. But glad to hear Dr. has a good feeling too! XO

  3. This just made my heart leap for joy and hope for you!!! Oh Beth--I pray that this sweet little birdie will fly right into your arms right in time for a beautiful, new spring!!! So sad you are missing your babies, but so hopeful for your new joy! xoxo

  4. I'm another BLM that has been following your blog for a few months and I have no idea where I even found it. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to follow this pregnancy and see you bring home your baby! :)

  5. beth, i've been away from blogland for so long that going through the 380 unread posts in my subs list has been daunting, but i am so happy to read about your Birdie and that you and your doctor have great feelings about this! i so wish you had all of your babies, here, together. i will think good thoughts for you and your little birdie. ((hugs))