Our Blessings

Monday, September 27, 2010


for those of you in the "doppler is a bad idea" camp, i had a needless scare just now. couldn't find the heartbeat. turns out, my bladder was in the way. the instant i came out of the bathroom and put the wand on my stomach, there it was, 141. daddy even heard it from the other room. we laughed.. my poor squished organs. we love you baby bird!

8 more days until we find out the health status and gender of our birdie!


  1. So glad you found it! I'm not pregnant again yet after losing Jacob in June and my second baby in August, but I fully plan on using a doppler when I am pregnant again. I can't imagine waiting for each OB appointment to find out if my baby is still alive.

    Looking forward to your post about your ultrasound!