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Saturday, November 20, 2010

sweet cherries

Cherry Baby's due date today :,( love you forever babygirl.. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better.. Big sissy will take care of you until I get there.. be sweet to each other.. You're still mine.

I've been having a lot of dizziness and palpitations lately.. I had a scary one at work.. I was just walking and I coughed and I started to go black :/ I guess the cough was a vagal response... and it's all probably because I need to drink more water all the time, and eat more at work... but work is so busy, I barely have time to sit down, eat, even go to the bathroom. would have been nice if I had a chance in 13 horus to even take my own blood pressure.. I kinda see 8hour shifts in my future... so anyway.. I barged straight into my OB after work that day without an appointment.. haha... BP was ok.. higher than usual for me but within normal limits. and my hemoglobin was ok too.. but since I have the palpitations almost every day, they asked me to see a cardiologist. so I did that yesterday.. and he said everything sounds fine.. but i'm wearing a 24 hour event monitor right now to see if there are any problems during an actual event... so, fingers crossed it's nothing... and DRINK MORE WATER!


  1. Thinking of your sweet little Cherry today. ♥

    Hopefully everything shows ok with your heart. I remember feeling those palpitations once in a while. A little unnerving!

  2. Sending love today. I don't imagine this day will be easy for you.

  3. ♥Cherry♥

    Sorry for the difficulties. I hope you feel better soon and the monitors proves you just need more water (and food). drink up, lady!