Our Blessings

Sunday, March 7, 2010

another cherry....

I can only imagine the national and even worldwide prayer chain I am about to unveil...

I'm pregnant.

I have so much to say. It has begun already. The cautious excitement. The planning laced with "if" this and "if" that. I asked my husband if he believed there would be a baby in the house this year... he said "seeing is believing."

I have an appointment tomorrow even though I think I'm only 4 weeks, possibly due Nov 14. I get my 2010 baby. (Hopefully?) I got my wish to be pregnant by my church's marriage retreat. Last year on the retreat, I was 17 weeks, and 3 days away from finding out the gender.

I know I'm announcing way early... but the first trimester safety means nothing to me. I know babies can die at any time. And I'd rather have the support and prayers than be secretive. There's no way I can be secretive at work either... I need my coworkers know that I need to avoid the sickest contagious patients now.

How do I do this?!

A hope and a prayer. Lots of em. And lots of doctor visits..

Dear God, get me through this.. and thank You!


  1. Beth I am SOOOOO excited for you :) I will definitely most definitely be praying for you and your precious rainbow!!!!! xoxo

  2. Many prayers and lots of love. Congratulations and praying for a healthy pregnancy and a baby in your arms.

  3. Lots of prayers and excitement for you!! So happy for you!

  4. :)
    Congrats again!
    Katie will make a very special big sister, as Noah is making one for Charlotte.
    ... here for you through anything, you know that!

  5. Honey, I'm so thrilled for you.PAL is hard, but we can all support each other.

  6. So many good thoughts your way! This is such wonderful wonderful news....